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Hpa-An, Karen State


Hpa-An is the capital of Karen State which is well connected with Kayin State’s many scenic spots comprising of hills and rivers, caves, and farmlands. Mount Zwegabin is its most famous landmark. On the western side of the Mt., Zwegabinmountain is Lumbini Garden, the most popular place to start the ascent, and is home to over 1100 Buddha statues. Saddan Cave can take 10 or 15 minutes journey to through the cave, which exits into a lake and paddy field view. Thousands of miniature clay inside Sadan Cave. Kawgun Cave near Kawgun village is two miles distance from Hpa-An town. The two famous caves in Kayin State are BayinNyi cave and Kawgun Cave.

BayinNyi Cave is in quite a large complex with hot springs at the base of the hill. In Kawgun Cave, thousands of tiny clay Buddha images and carvings, some dating back to the 7th century, can be seen mounted on the walls and roof of the main cave. There are also famous caves that can be found in Kayin State, such as Phakat, Htaungwi, Yathaepyan, Wepyan, Pathone Khayone cave and Kokka-thaung Caves. Thandaung is a picturesque hill station in the north of the state that is developing into a popular resort town. Thandaung was developed as a hill station during colonial times by the British and Mottama was captured by the British in the First Anglo-Burmese War of 1824–1826. Thandaung is a very beautiful hill station and an important tea, coffee, and fruit producing region. Myawaddy is a town on the Thai border with the newly-built road which connects Myawaddy with the rest of Myanmar, passing through Hpa-An and the beautiful Dawna mountain ranges in Kayin State.