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Myanmar Visa Requirements

Why should check “Myanmar visa requirements” before making the application?

All Myanmar visa applicants are advised to check the visa requirements carefully before making the application because the regulations might change sometime. As for instance, at present, citizens from your country are required to have the visa to enter Myanmar.  However, for the next year, your country and Myanmar may sign a visa exemption agreement which allows you to enter Myanmar without the visa and vice versa. Thus, the checking of Myanmar visa requirements is very important before your journey to Myanmar. Myanmar visa requirements contain a list of countries whose citizens are required to apply for a Myanmar visa to be permitted to enter Myanmar.

How to check Myanmar visa requirements for the foreigners?

The foreigners who are not offered Myanmar visa exemption will check whether it is required for them to apply for a Myanmar Visa or not by clicking the Myanmar visa requirements link. In the page, all the countries are listed with the order of alphabet, you may easily find and click on your country so as to see the information and guide on whether citizens from your country need a visa Myanmar or not, and details of instructions of how to get Visa for Myanmar from your country most quickly and easily. Then, if you might need a visa to Myanmar, and would like to apply for Myanmar visa online, click on this link Apply Myanmar visa to make Myanmar visa application. Apply eVisa:

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a link of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Myanmar Visa =