Do and Don't In Myanmar


1. Take off your shoes when you are at the religious places (Removing headwear is not necessary).

2. Treat Buddha images or statues with respect.

3. Shaking hands is not necessary in Myanmar.

4. Don’t hug or kiss in the public of Myanmar.

5. Don’t step over any part of the person, it is completely considered rude.

5. Accept or give things with both hands from or to mo]nks, nuns and novices.

6. Don’t point your finger at the Pagoda or person, it is considered rude.

7. Don’t play music loudly near the religious area or monastery because monks are not allowed to listen music.

8. Don’t touch the Buddha images or statues and sacred relic objects.

Show respect to the monks, nuns and novices (even they are the children).

11. Sit lower than monks, nuns, novices and elders.

12. Don’t offer food to a monk, nun or a novice after noon time.

13. A woman should not touch the Buddha image or statue and monk.

14.When you visit to the Myanmar homes, most of the Myanmar people do not wear shoes in their homes. So take off your shoes when visiting.

15. Carry toilet paper in your bag if you visit with a train or an express bus.

16. Please leave a donation when you visit at the religious places if possible.

17. If you buy some expensive objects, make sure it comes with an export permit.

18. Show respect to everyone, they will show respect to you. (Myanmar people are friendly, helpful, honest but proud.

19. Don’t touch the adult on the head.

20. Don’t eat food sale at the street vendors.

21. Don’t drink tap water.

22. Drink only Bottled water and drinks that are not opened.

23. The oldest person will served first.

24. If you want to eat Myanmar traditional food, go to decent restaurants in Yangon because they cook Myanmar traditional food according to international standards.

25. If you walk in front of the person who is senior than you, lower your head a little to show them your respect.